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Smart Point will work for Harley-Davidson also in 2013

Iconic brand of american motocycles, Harley-Davidson, reviewed this autumn suppliers for PR service. Harley-Davidson invited in PR tender three agencies. „We are glad that we can present our vision of future communication and also new forms of cooperation with the client. At the same time confidence in agency work is stronger,“ says Ondřej Škarka, managing partner of Smart Point agency and adds that presentation was very courageous and open towards the client.

Smart Point was successful at building network of foreign consultants which ensure PR in Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. According to Ondřej Škarka, this work-flow is very efficient and fast. „We were surprised what can be achieved by creating right system of information distribution. Network of experienced consultants is big agency advantage,“ says Škarka. As example gives ensuring of PR services in Estonia.

„From the set of the work to the realization of press event, presentation of new dealership and motorcycles models took less than month.“ Flexibility and openess is for Škarka big advantage too. Same system of work will Smart Point use in Poland.

Smart Point ensures for Harley-Davidson not only Public Relations services but also copywriting, suggestions concerning tactical campaingns, advertising or strategic consultations.

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